Preference #101 He’s your brother’s best friend (Featuring 5sos):

Patrick cuts you off by pressing a light kiss to the top of your head. You glance up at him and peer into his amber eyes. How you were dating and basically engaged to be married to one of the biggest pop-rockstars out there. You can hear your naive boyfriend laughing as you quickly poke your head into your dresser to pick out a dress. There is no way you can get ready in— a quick glance at the clock on your bedside table —30 minutes. We can go out for dinner afterward. We just need to make an appearance so my friends can see how beautiful and real you are. You scoff at his inflection. I think I was just waiting for the right moment. And tonight is.

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Harry: The door bangs open and you roll your eyes from the kitchen table. Your brother Abram bonds in, calling out for your mother and she squeals. He shrugs, pressing a kiss to her cheek before hugging your dad and then his eyes land on yours. He disappears up the stairs with Abram and you open the jewelry box to find a hand braided bracelet much like the one he wears and you smile. Spending your spring break in New York with his brother and his now famous best friend… a total downer.

Tanner, your brother, sits on the couch with Niall while playing video games.

He’s Dating your bestfriend: Harry “Please (Y/F/N)?! Can’t we And slow writing || I write imagines, I take requests. “I’ll have a chocolate vanilla mixed scoop with two strawberry scoops and one mint please. 1 direction 1direction one direction one direction imagine one direction imagines one direction.

I try to get all my requests done ASAP but, as everyone knows, school is a time vacuum. This masterlist will be in my description for my mobile users. Harry – After a bit of a tough week you convinced him to go out and have a nice night out with the boys hitting up his favourite clubs. Liam – Harry had called Liam to come pick him up from a night at the bars and Liam, happy to help, had rushed to fetch his intoxicated friend.

Niall – Every town that he and the boys went to Niall wanted to check out the local pubs. He is currently in Australia and hitting up a seaside bar. Zayn – Zayn, being the tattooed, hair dyed hipster that he is, loves finding cool little hole-in-the-wall bars to have a night out. The one he stumbled upon last night was not the best.

One direction imagines masterlist

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Pal claims ‘top heavy’ fan of One Direction has slept with Harry, Zayn and Niall YouTube star Landon Clifford dead at ‘He’s looking down on us from heaven,’ wife says ‘I know all this because she’s my Mrs’ best friend.’ claiming to be Melissa, has written: ‘For all you asking yeah Niall and I dating.

So much. As soon as I got there, I unlocked the door since I still had the key and walked in, to find the apartment just how I left it. Did you really think that an apology was going to fix everything? Did you think an apology was going to fix my broken heart?! Seeing her so upset, and I was the reason, made my heart ache. As soon as I left, I realized that I do love you.

Preference #7 He’s dating your sister and you tell him you have feelings for him part 2

Niall- You were waiting at the bus stop for your bus to arrive. Your parents were arguing about your life like what degree you should get what, what kind of guy you should marry basically turning you into your perfect sister. You knew what you wanted to do but your parents didn’t agree.

Harry: Due to the fact that your Mom and Anne were best friends, you grew up days and once One Direction were making it big, you would visit him on tour. “​When you’re not around, he’s constantly talking about you and when you two I mean the whole world practically thinks you’re dating anyway.

It’s every young One Direction fan’s fantasy. A friend of a fanatical Australian fan, known only as Lachlan, has claimed a ‘top heavy’ groupie has slept with Harry Styles, 21, Zayn Malik, 22, and Niall Horan, 21, at separate Australian concerts over the years – before they got in relationships. Scroll down for video. Most popular Harry: A top heavy fan has worked her way through three One Direction members including Style, pictured in Adelaide on Tuesday Zayn and Niall before any were in relationships, it has been claimed.

The exact details of how the reported meetings took place is not clear since a hesitant Lachlan told the show: ‘What I know I can’t divulge on air,’ adding: ‘All I can say is that she’s been with three When pressed for more detail and how he knows about the incidents, he said: ‘She’s down in Melbourne at the moment, she got a phone call from the security guards and got invited down there.

Come hither! Zayn Malik is said to have been one of the three the Australian fan has slept with after she was plucked from the audience by the band’s security guards. Asked if she was pretty, he paused, before replying: ‘Well He went on: ‘The other night my girlfriend and I got a phone message from her saying she wasn’t coming home and was staying down there [Melbourne] because the boys are going to Adelaide and they’re on their way back.

I know a fair bit about the boys but it’s not fair to say. But she’s definitely done Zayn, Niall and Harry,’ he said. Number three: Niall Horan, said to have had a dalliance whilst In Melbourne with Sydneysider Melissa Whitelaw, is the other member of the five-strong British boyband who reportedly slept with the fan.

A Complete Guide to Every Girl One Direction Has Dated

Hiiiii guys! Sorry it took forever, but here is part 2! I hope you enjoy! Harry : The kiss kept getting deeper and deeper and you were enjoying every minute of it. This is by far the worst thing you have ever done to me.

*NOTE: In this preference you are not dating, only best friends*. Niall: “But Nialllllll ” you slur, clumsily stumbling up the stairs to your bedroom, Niall’s Liam furrows his eyebrows, repositioning himself on the bed so that he’s closer to you. 1D Preference 1D preferences One direction preferences one.

Due to the fact that your Mom and Anne were best friends, you grew up with Harry and Gemma. All three of you were super close and still are to this day. You were there to support him in the X Factor days and once One Direction were making it big, you would visit him on tour. One might think since Harry has been gone a lot of the time that you two might have grown apart or at least not be as close, but honestly you think that you two have gotten closer.

Harry was working in LA and since you were finishing up with your semester at Uni, he invited you out for a visit. You were out for dinner with him and some of his friends. You two were constantly talking with one another and flirting a little bit throughout the dinner. You excuse yourself to the go to the bathroom and some of the other girls follow suit. Harry takes a sip of his drink, when he notices Jeff and James staring at him. Harry blushes a bit. Harry sighs. Just tell her how you feel.

Preference #25- He’s your best friend and gets jealous… [Part 2]

I try to get all my requests done ASAP but, as everyone knows, school is a time vacuum. This masterlist will be in my description for my mobile users. Having Niall for a roommate wasnt the worst thing that happened to you.

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Harry just always loves having her around, finds comfort in the way she talks to him without a hint of glorification. And Harry really appreciated that. How at the call of his name, Harry never thinks twice about dropping everything and tending to her wants and needs. Only nods his head in amusement at the fact others notice. Most nights like that they end up in some random bar or restaurant, sat on a stool or a booth, laughing and eating.

Harry will often opt to sit next to her rather than in front, taking the chance to lay his head on her shoulder. Even kiss at her neck sometimes. Harry tries to disregard the comment as Louis takes a seat next to him at the kitchen island. Oh who is she?? You do laundry together. They trace all of him. From his eyes to his eyebrows, then his cheeks and to his nose, where she kisses lightly, careful not to wake him.

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She huffed and shook her head again, this time standing up. You looked over the top of your book to see Harry sigh and run his hand through his lush curls. He looked at you and smiled, his precious smile.. You closed the book and smiled back at him.

You were my new dream ~ Imagine dating FP behind Fred’s and Archies Harry Styles: the one in love with the bestfriend; NIall Horan: the drunk and the One Direction Masterlist Preferences: When You Fight When He’s Mad at You He.

I felt so much weight in terms of not getting things wrong. I remember when I signed my record deal and I asked my manager, ‘What happens if I get arrested? Does it mean the contract is null and void? If he ever makes a mistake, surely we’ll hear about it, but until then, these are 26 essential things to know about birthday boy Harry Edward Styles:. Harry Edward Styles was born on Feb. He has an older sister named Gemma, who was born in The family moved to Holmes Chapel, in Cheshire, when he was a baby and, according to Anne, her son’s first word was “cat.

Styles called the village of about 5, people that he grew up in ” quite boring ,” but “picturesque. He was 7. By the time Harry was a teenager, they lived back in Holmes Chapel. After being together for over a decade, Anne married Robin Twist in Harry walked his mom down the aisle and was best man at their wedding. By all accounts, Harry was an attention-loving, creative little boy and a born entertainer whether it was singing or streaking through a train station in his boxers.

Don’t Force It (Harry Styles Imagine Part 2)

You glanced up at Harry who was looking at you from the corner of his eye, there was a red tint on his cheeks. You let out a much needed breath, not realising you were holding it in. Liam: You had heard horror stories and seen footage of what your best friend faces on tour with his fans, the mobbing, the grabbing and the scratching. You were out visiting Liam only just flying in that morning and meeting him right at the arena for their show that was scheduled that night.

But the show was over now and you were on your way to the hotel. Paul was at the front and turned to you all just as the car came to a halt.

You turned to your best friend who was sitting on your left. “Don’t you think being in One Direction is impressive enough? The thing is that Alex happened to be your brother and you and Niall have been dating in secret for over 4 Niall when he’s so close to you, but you knew that your brother would.

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Harry Styles Reunites With Childhood Girlfriend At One Direction Show

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